National Cavy Club COVID-19 measures

Update: 1st October 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is not currently possible to hold cavy shows.

The National Cavy Club has developed a set of show regulations that could help shows be viable when Government restrictions are sufficiently relaxed. We are currently in a so-called ‘Red’ zone when it is not safe or possible to hold shows, and we all look forward to a ‘Green’ zone, when life returns to something like that which we were used to before the pandemic.

We envisaged that there may be an ‘Amber’ zone – between the Red and Green zones – when, with the appropriate precautions within our C-19 Show Regulations in place, it could be possible to hold some cavy shows. Obviously, it is likely to be many months before this Amber zone is reached.

The ratified C-19 Show Regulations can be found below.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the National CC will regularly review Government advice. When it appears that restrictions are sufficiently relaxed such that large groups or people can mix and socialise in-doors, the Executive will meet to discuss whether it would be viable to sanction cavy shows with the C-19 Show Regulations in place; i.e. whether to move from the Red zone to the Amber zone.

We will advise members and affiliated clubs when the Amber zone is reached and the C-19 Show Regulations come into force via our web-site and through CAVIES magazine. The regulations shall continue to apply until the National advises otherwise.

It is likely that it will be necessary to make future amendments to the C-19 Show Regulations, including at short notice, in order to comply with the changing nature of the pandemic and society’s response to it. Fanciers should ensure they keep up to date with the latest regulations by means of the National website and CAVIES magazine.

We recognise that many clubs will not have the resources or space to enact some of the requirements of the C-19 Show Regulations, but we hope that with the new regulations in place, at least some clubs will be able to hold shows safely during the Amber zone.

National Cavy Club Show Regulations

Appendix 2020.01: NCC C-19 Show Regulations