Star Scheme and how it works

How the star scheme works

  • The NCC Star Scheme is an annual competition that runs every year from January-December.
  •  It rewards the individual Cavies.
  • Shows that are affiliated to the NCC Star Scheme are awarded a set number of stars as shows in Cavies magazine. 2,3,4,5 and sometimes 10 stars to a show… if in doubt ask the show secretary on the day or when you enter.
  • If your cavy wins its breed class at any NCC Star Show it will have won the corresponding number of stars. There is a minimum entry of two required in the breed class, however if there is only one in the class then either ask the judge to sign the back of the card or the cavy must go on to win the next challenge in line.
  • You can claim star awards for more then one cavy, but each must win their own classes and stars.
  • The age does not matter. So you may claim with star awards across the age classes.
  • Juniors can claim stars from the Junior classes if the judge is a member of the NCC.
  • Star claims are published in the handbook and also within Cavies.
  • To Claim you must be a fully paid up member of the NCC.
  • Certificates are awarded at the end of the year for the total number of stars that your cavy has won – these are in blocks of 10- so 10, 20, 30 40 stars… once your Cavy earns 50 stars it will have won a trophy with the Cavies name upon it. These are awarded at the next NCC AGM.

Details of how to claim to follow