National Cavy Club Points Competition

This is an annual competition which runs from 1st November to 31st October the following year. It rewards the breeder not the individual cavy.

Every year, the National Cavy Club produces its Points Show Calendar and points can only be collected from the shows on this calendar. Points are awarded in all breed classes – three points for first, two points for second, and one for third – across all three age categories (adult, 5-8 months & under 5 months). At the NCC Combined Stock Show/Championship Show, double points are awarded – six points for first, four for second, and two  for third.

You do not need to submit any of your prize cards. The NCC Points Coordinator, Janet Saynor, collates and keeps track of all the points. Points trophies are awarded to the members who have gained most points in each breed (although you must have at least 10 points) at the end of each year (i.e. November to December). These breed trophies are engraved with the members name and are to keep. They are awarded in November at the NCC AGM.

Also awarded are the perpetual Points Trophies (the member only keeps them for 12 months) to the members who gain most points in the following sections: Self, Non self, Guide Standard, New & Emerging Breeds, Juniors, Pets.

Every effort is made to spread the points shows to every area of the country and also evenly throughout the year. The venues and dates of these shows are published in Cavies and on the NCC website. NCC points shows are 5* shows. Points are also awarded at the NCC Spring and Autumn/Christmas shows and these are 10* shows.

The points tables are regularly updated and published in CAVIES and on the website.

National Cavy Club Star Scheme

How the National Cavy Club Star Scheme works

  • The National Cavy Club Star Scheme is an annual coemption
  • The NCC Star Scheme is an annual competition that runs every year from November 1st to October 31st of the following year.
  • It rewards individual cavies.
  • Shows that are affiliated to the NCC Star Scheme are awarded 2,3,4, or 5 stars according to various criteria such as entry numbers and judges. Check out the show advert in Cavies for the number of stars each show carries.
  • If your cavy wins its breed class at any NCC Star Show it will have won the corresponding number of stars.
  • You can claim Star Awards for more than one cavy.
  • The age of the cavy does not matter so you can use breed class wins from all age categories.
  • Juniors can claim stars from the Junior classes if the judge is a member of the NCC.
  • Star claims will be published in the NCC Handbook and in CAVIES.
  • The scheme is administered by Shane Ross and her contact details can be found in the handbook.
  • You must be a fully paid up member of the NCC.
  • Certificates are awarded at the end of the year for the total number of stars that your cavy has won – 10, 20, 30 or 40 stars. If your cavy wins 50 stars you can claim a trophy with the cavy’s name engraved on it. These trophies are awarded in November at the NCC AGM.

To claim you cavy’s Star Award, please send its prize cards (with the cavy’s name on the reverse) to the Membership Secretary, Claire Maydon, to receive your certificate or trophy.  Shane will check the 50 star applications to validate your trophy claim. You should enclose an A5 SAE (with the correct postage, please) for the return of the certificate and prize cards.

All Star Award claims must be with Claire before 31st October, but sooner if possible so that Claire does not have a rush at the end of the season.