CAVIES magazine: a new look!

CAVIES magazine is now published by the National Cavy Club!

We are very pleased to announce that from 1st of December new subscribers and those renewing their memberships will be able to chose from two subscription models:

1/ A DIGITAL VERSION of the magazine will be available as a pdf, for the price of £20 for 12 months. We hope that by offering a subscription that is substantially cheaper than the previous print price, we will be able to attract more subscribers; it will also be easier to distribute to overseas readers where postage rates have previously proved prohibitive.

2/ A PRINTED VERSION of the magazine, for the price of £48 for 12 months or £28 for 6 months. The ever-increasing costs of postage has necessitated an increase in the subscription rate.

We are of course in unprecedented times, and the loss of revenue from show adverts and the reduced content due to the absence of show reports has necessitated a move away from our usual monthly issues. Going forward into 2021, we plan to publish two-monthly whilst pandemic restrictions are in place, whilst tentatively hoping we might return to monthly editions by mid-summer. We will of course keep you fully informed.