NCC C-19 Statement No.5

The National Cavy Club has reviewed the Government’s recently published COVID-19 Response, which sets out a road map out of lockdown for England ***. We are pleased to see some light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to a time when we can once again meet together and enjoy our hobby. In England, this cannot happen until at least Step 4 of the road map, and Step 4 will be NO EARLIER than 21st June 2021.

Depending on the prevailing pandemic status the Government aims to remove all legal limits on social contact by Step 4, publishing guidance on how best to reduce the risk of transmission, and to reopen the remaining closed settings and enable large events. In the coming months, the Government will be working to explore when and how events with larger crowd sizes, less social distancing or in settings where transmission is more likely (i.e. indoors), will be able to return safely. This COULD include events like cavy shows.

The National Cavy Club developed a traffic light system last year, using red, amber and green to denote the different phases of the pandemic. We must emphasise that the cavy fancy is currently in the red zone, when it is not possible to hold any cavy shows. We are of course all looking forward to the green zone when life returns to something like that which we were used to, when we can all enjoy our hobby. However, we are very conscious that it might be many, many months before we can reach this stage. 

The Amber zone, when it is possible to hold shows with appropriate Government precautions in place, COULD commence in England from the 21st June, but RESTRICTIONS are certainly likely to remain and could be in place for some time after. What is not clear yet, is just what form those precautions will take, and whether they could be satisfactorily enacted or put in place at cavy shows. ***

The National Cavy Club will continue to monitor the situation closely and await publication of more detailed guidance. Further statements will be issued as the situation evolves and our advice remains that clubs should not make arrangements or commitments that might have financial implications until there is more clarity from the Government.

In the meantime, we will of course continue to support our members and affiliated clubs in any ways we can.

*** It is important to remember that our four nations are quite likely to have different road maps out of lockdown. At present, plans for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not available. The National Cavy Club will continue to review the emerging documentation for all four nations and update its advice accordingly.

National Cavy Club

24th February 2021