NCC C-19 Statement No.6

The National Cavy Club is continuing to review the Government’s emerging responses to the COVID pandemic and is pleased to note that good progress is being made in the easing of lockdown restrictions.

We recognise that many fanciers will be keen to resume their hobby at the earliest opportunity. As we previously noted, in England this cannot happen until at least Step 4 of the Government’s lockdown road map, which will be NO EARLIER than 21st June 2021, when the Government HOPES to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact. Comparable dates for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have yet to be announced.

Whilst we are hopeful that cavy shows in England might recommence after Step 4, it was very clear from yesterday’s Government briefing that some forms of restrictions will remain in place after 21st June. This could, for example, be the ongoing wearing of masks or limits on the numbers that can meet at larger indoor events.

Until these restrictions are known, it is not possible to categorically state when cavy shows in the various parts of the UK could proceed and/or what adaptations we would need to make to our Show Regulations to enable shows to function safely and in line with Government requirements.

We are also aware that many show venues are putting together their own site-specific requirements as to how and when they can be hired and used, and this may very well reflect on the ability to hold cavy shows there. When further Government advice is available, we recommend that clubs prepare to make contact with their local venue to establish their conditions and protocols.

Therefore, our advice remains that clubs should not commit to making any arrangements that might result in financial implications until there is more clarity from the Government. Clubs should also be mindful that attendance at shows might be reduced as compared to pre-COVID levels for some considerable time after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Yesterday’s briefing noted that further announcements will be made well before 21st June and we will publish advice at the earliest opportunity as to when shows might resume and what measures clubs and fanciers will need to put in place.

In the meantime, we will of course continue to support our members and affiliated clubs in any ways we can.

National Cavy Club

11th May 2021