December CAVIES published

This month’s issue includes details of the various breed standard promotions and amendments that have been agreed by the British Cavy Council and subscribers” Christmas messages. The National Cavy Club subscription renewal form has been inserted into the magazine – but remember, you can also subscribe to CAVIES magazine and all your favourite clubs via the National’s online shop!



  • Show calendar
  • Club notes
  • Young fanciers’ section
  • Pet section
  • Various archive features by Steve Davies
  • Show reports
  • Show adverts

We also have Show reports and photographs of key winners from:

Southern CC Autumn SS, Redruth CC Cornish Championship, Scottish National Championship (incl. English Self Southern Area SS and Rare Varieties CC), Kent CC (incl. National CC Autumn SS), Oldham CC (incl. National Fox & Tan CC), Bristol CC (incl. Peruvians Varieties CC, Shelties Varieties CC and National Tort & White CC), Durham – Vic Bailey Memorial Show (incl. Northern CF SS and National Himalayan CC SS), Devon CC (incl. Dutch CC SW SS), Welland Valley CC (incl. Midlands CC and Crested CC) and Canterbury & Coast CC.

As well as:

  • Young fanciers’ section
  • Exhibition pet section
  • Club notes
  • Various archives features by Steve Davies
  • Show calendar
  • Show adverts

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