July CAVIES published

The latest issue of CAVIES magazine (July 2023) has been posted on our online portal and sent to our subscribers.

This month is the National Cavy Club Combined Stock Show Special! With stories, reports and photographs from the show.

We have Show reports from:

National Cavy Club Combined Stock Show (Adult SS, Intermediate SS and Young SS), including stock shows for Abyssinian CC, National Agouti, Crested CC, Dutch CC, National Fox & Tan CC, National Himalayan CC, Peruvian Varieties CC, Rare Varieties CC, Rex CC, English Self CC, Sheltie Varieties CC, Teddy CC, National Tort & White and the Pet Exhibitors CC.

Also, North Warrington, Midland Championship and Birmingham & Black Country, Bristol (including Sheltie and Teddy Varieties SSs), Wiltshire, Royal Cheshire

National CC Adult SS: 1. Simon Neesam’s Brindle Abyssinian, 2. Mark Rubery’s Self DE Cream, 3. Belinda Allard’s Rex
National CC Intermediate SS: 1. D&M Oulton’s Peruvian, 2. Taylor & Long’s Self PE Golden, 3. Fusion Cavies’ Tan

National CC Young SS: 1. Evelyne van Vliet’s Self Blue, 2. Amy Heale & Simon Neesam’s Peruvian, 3. Lily Pop Cavies’ Teddy

As well as:

  • Young fanciers’ section
  • Exhibition pet section
  • Club notes
  • Various archives features by Steve Davies
  • Show calendar
  • Show adverts

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