May CAVIES published

The latest issue of CAVIES magazine (May 2023) has been posted on our online portal and sent to our subscribers.

This month’s issue includes the second part of our breeds in focus series featuring the Dutch cavy.

Best in Show Brian Emmett Memorial Show: Simon Neesam’s adult Brindle Abyssinian boar

We also have show reports and photos from the Abyssinian CC Brian Emmett Memorial Show, Dalmation & Roan CC Den Higgins Memorial Show, Isle of Wight, East Cornwall, Cumbria, Fareham, Yorkshire Championship (Ken Yates Memorial), Warwickshire, Redruth, Canterbury & Coast, Sandbach, and City of Norwich.

As well as:

  • Young fanciers’ section
  • Exhibition pet section
  • Club notes
  • Various archives features by Steve Davies
  • Show calendar
  • Show adverts

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